Spring Has Arrived & I'm Back!

Wow, it’s been awhile! I recognize that between working with clients and transforming my own personal spaces I have fallen off the blogging radar these past few months. I have missed you guys and your feedback.


I’ve been involved in my own ‘internal spring housecleaning’, cleaning out what no longer works and becoming clearer on what areas are contributing to me on all levels —  my home, my relationships, my business and my intimate spaces — as well as acknowledging the gifts, the capacities and experiences, taking everything I've learned and what I’m aware of to begin anew. I’ve been asking more questions and then following this newfound sense of thriving energy. The cocooning energy, followed by the emergence of the butterfly. (And at times a few of those old dragons.)

With our energetic communication system, there is no A+B=C. Instead, there is an instant and simultaneously-sometimes-combustible response that appears. It’s about the willingness to be the question and to ask for more of what we desire. Simply being is our magic.

trena anderson connecting in spirit blog

In those moments where we may not know what it looks like, or how it’s going to come into being, when we are congruent with the energy of our ask, it or something better appears. Energy never lies. It only invites us to receive more about ourselves and invites us to know more, then create and actualize with it. It feels similar to that of a roller coaster ride — moments of “Hell YEEEEEES! I’ll have more of THAT!” to “Oh shit — what just happened? What can I receive here and what else is possible?

The key lies in knowing that we create what, how, when and where we experience our lives. For those of you who sense this and are looking for more tools, ways and guidance so that you can move forward at the speed of light, check out my brand new online home. This website is definitely more me, sharing the connections that have moved me to where I am today, and it is a culmination of the energetic intuitive consults I offer. If you resonate with what I have shared along the way,  know that there is now a newly paved road available for you to choose more for yourself.

Today is much different than yesterday. Today, life has the capacity to be filled with ease and joy. You just have to ask. 😊

I cannot thank enough my truly gifted collaborator of magnitude, Rosemary Stephanson from Select Social Media Marketing for her own amazing tuned-in capacities and her own gifts of creativity and brilliance. As well, a huge thank you Alix Welde from Mirror Photography and Design. Alex was key in capturing the effortlessness and energy of myself and our team. How does it get any better? Thank you both for your willingness and expertise in being you!