Business Goals vs. Targets: It's Time to Check In

You’ve probably sat down at some point and attempted to set up a business plan. I know that was one of the first teachings in any business course I’ve personally enrolled in. Now, I don’t know about you, but in my world, plans don’t always go as I expect and projections have never worked. Have you ever had this experience?

What’s behind this?

Since we’re all the creators and CEOs of our own businesses, for a moment, let’s take a sneak peek at the energy around your definitions and tune into whether there is an energetic congruency.

What do ‘goals’ mean to you? Is the invitation to have a ‘goal’ feel flowing and open or structured and forceful?

For me, the energy did not feel expansive or inviting, nor did it invite a ‘more than’ sense of being. Rather it had the energy of ‘an end result’ - limiting and constrictive. So, when we’re asking to include ‘more than’ what we’ve presently achieved, wouldn’t it also be a contribution to include the infinite possibilities that are available - not just what we’re thinking?

In the beginning, if what I or others ‘thought’ would work had worked, you and I wouldn’t be here today having this conversation.

With a goal in mind, are you including what your business has to communicate, add and contribute? Are your goals including and connecting you to be open - or are you ‘in charge’?

Now let’s play with the energy around ‘targets’.

business targets

What does having a target mean to you? Have you gone target shooting? Do you notice the difference in the energetic flow of what you’re asking?

When you’re target shooting, you also take into account the wind around you, the distance from where you stand, and many more essences that may or may not play a part in your arrow hitting the target or bullet striking the can. The point is, you INCLUDE your awareness of these aspects and perhaps adjust your actions so you can celebrate your success. You’re open to asking questions as to what will assist in actualizing your bullseye.

Having a target also includes celebrating and acknowledging that you may hit the outside of the circle a couple times before you hit the bullseye. This is the energy that inspires you to keep going.

Simply check in with yourself and your business’ awareness, and ask: If I could include all of the infinite energies that are available and desiring to contribute to me, how much more could I create, generate and actualize? And if I chose to partner and connect with Trena, how much more fun, more money and more ease would I create and have? If it’s light- find me! 😊

xoxoxo Trena