What Are You Adding To Your Life?

I’m curious - how many of you add more to your lives when your money flow slows down? Or, rather, has this reality taught you to take things away?

Over the past 6-8 months we have had some changes in our current network marketing business. A new owner took over about a year ago and there were many great promises put forth at the time of the changeover.

Now, I’m a believer that anything is possible and I’m usually pretty good at adapting to change. I love learning new things and I’m a practitioner of infinite possibilities… and there is a time and space for me that requires walking one’s talk. Long story short: I became very aware that this network marketing business was no longer working for me and began asking a whole new set of questions.

What am I seeking in a new company?

I want authentic leadership. Communication, connection and adding more fun and money to my life and the lives of others. I want to have it all. Not just pieces as I had been willing to accept in the past. The complete package. Show me the whole whambiny! 

How it showed up was interesting. I'd had many conversations with others over the past few months, inviting me to join up with them. Some had the $; others had the team. Not one lit my body up. I listened both energetically and conversationally, and I just kept asking, “Universe: Show me what’s possible here that I’m aware of or that's even better?” And I would connect with the energy of what having that freedom, the playmates and the money to choose even more would be like.


No it did not show up delivered in a pretty little package with a bow. It actualized in a series of events that had me questioning myself, my past leaders and a whole lot more. During the unfolding, I just kept asking, becoming more clear about myself - my definitions, my points of views and a clarity from within around my own unique differences and the acknowledgement that if I had my own back, nothing could stop me. It worked!


So, for those of you who have always had a sense of wonderment and the awareness of the infinite possibilities when you have a team of support and assistance to share personal and team actualizations of success - add to that the freedom of having a life filled with joy, travel, money and playmates who share that connection and inspiration daily - know this: It is possible.

I've always asked myself what being one of the first members of a successful company such as USANA would be like. Here’s the thing: it has actualized and today it’s even better than I imagined.

Have you ever been offered to have a profit share in a global network marketing company before? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work alongside the founding owner of USANA? Have you ever wondered what your life and living would be like if you could have a Founding Member space? Have you ever surrounded yourself in an environment that nourished your capacities and your achievements, celebrating your successes and personal choices freely? This is what I'm experiencing right now! If you have not experienced these things yet, it’s not too late. This can be your time to shine too!

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xoxo Trena