Being Conscious and Having Money: Are Both Truly Possible?

Is connecting with your spirit incongruent with your reality of having more in this life?

Let’s be honest: For many of the spiritual and conscious seekers in this world, there is a separation between Being Conscious and Having Money. There is an energetic lie that we were all sold at some time that "generating and having money" is tied to a lot of different practices and points of views. Personally, I can fully acknowledge where I was at 8-10 years ago to where I’m at today - an Intuitive Facilitator and Body Practitioner. This incongruent old energy is a stopper of magnitude when it comes to actualizing a life you truly desire. 

What if it’s time we blew this baby out of existence?

How many of you know you desire to add to your life in more natural ways? Perhaps it’s eating better? Adding natural supplements to your day? How about spending time in nature, with animals, friends or family to let go of the rat race insanity? Notice the lightness in these possibilities?

How many of you desire an extra $4000/month?  $10,000/month? What do you notice pops for you? Perhaps you have questions around "What do I have to do?"  Do you even have a sense of it being possible, or is the energy around you constricted, tight, and limiting? Are there points of views that pop up in your head? If so, become aware of them. 

These are the energetic thought forms that stop you.

The difference is in the energy. That’s it. Where did the lightness go? The airy space of possibility? This example is here to invite you to your own awareness of whether you are congruent with yourself. There is no right or wrong - it's simply an observation for you to begin to notice.

being conscious having money

You see, I used to be very clear on "how I wanted to make more money." The ways it would look, how it would show up, and all the things I had to do in order for it to appear. I jumped through hoops - practicing all those dynamics that we’re told are required here - until someone invited me to another possibility in the form of a question: What if there are an infinite number of ways for you to be connected and truly be you? And, what if the happier you are, the more you play with your capacities, connect with the ways your body invites you to and truly value you - the more ways money will find you? 

What freedom and choices would you choose to create and generate with an endless flow of connection and money?

Stop buying the judgments around what money is and isn’t. If you require a quick boost and momentum to get yourself rolling, you know where to find me. I’m still playing, creating and generating in my new space of the willingness to include both.

Love & lightness,

xoxoxo Trena