Are you the 'Hoarder’ in your Business?

I’m curious - have you ever projected or expected something from your business that never showed up - no matter how you followed the rules, the guidelines, and the marketing pros?

And/or are there other people’s judgments, points of views, expectations and projections that you have bought as real and true for yourself - and you keep forcing these steps and decisions into your business? How many of these are now outdated and asking to be let go?

I’m sure that everyone has watched a TV version of Hoarders at some point. Well, that’s the visual I am referring to - piles of ‘stuff’ that's taking up space. Perhaps there's feces everywhere within the disorganization. I don't have to go on - you get the picture! Here’s the similarity: You, as the owner of your business, project the same onto your business everyday - unknowingly and unconsciously. 

One thing is for sure: that shit accumulates. Pretty soon, it stinks and feels overwhelming!


So, what now? It’s time to cleanup and clear out what’s not working. It doesn't have to be hard. Perhaps there has never been someone who actually spoke of this type of buildup in your life? Well, now you know! When we know more, we can then choose more for ourselves and our businesses. What does this action look like? Well, we’d start with clearing out what no longer contributes. We'd then take the time to check in with both you and your business, putting this clarity into a whole new essence of energetic actions. This opens the door to a whole new bridge of communication - one that includes all possibilities and much, much more.

Our businesses are an extension of ourselves. We create them to add more to our lives and living! If you are not having fun with your biz, generating with it, and actualizing those targets, there’s an unseen blockage running in the background. What if you bringing your awareness to one little piece could unravel all those obstacles and challenges - as if by magic?

Until next time,

xoxoxo Trena

Rosemary StephansonComment