Birthing the Butterfly

Recently, I've had several conversations with people and although spring is here, the weather is warm, the sun is shining, birds are singing and more, there is also an underlying energy of dis-ease and discomfort. It’s intense.

Many do not even feel comfortable speaking about it. I can perceive their bodies — tight, constricted and struggling to hold it all in. Struggling to keep it contained. The whole, "It's all working. Life is okay." mentality, paired with constant judgement. They're looking for an answer to fix this — usually outside of themselves. They think:

Life would be better if...

When I have more money my life will be...

When I lose this extra weight, then I will be...

Others are slowly willing to lower their barriers and acknowledge the energies in conversation, but their points of views are so caught up in the rightness and wrongness about their ‘feelings’, that they simply spin in spirals.


What if there is nothing to fix? Maybe it's similar to a birthing process? Is it possible that you are being invited to more?

More awareness?

More consciousness?

More allowance?

I’m well aware of how much this society has taught us that diving deep into discussing what hasn’t worked will somewhat surprisingly create a different outcome. Hmm...anyone else notice... not so much? 

butterfly energy

I wonder — how much joy and ease could you have if you would acknowledge all the definitions, expectations and projections that you are currently restricting and defining your problem with? Your relationships with? Your income? And your body? You see, when we place definitions onto areas of our lives then we can only receive that much; we restrict our ability to receive. And these definitions include the judgements, opinions, lies, limitations, thoughts, feelings and emotions that we’ve bought as real and true. Now, these aspects aren’t right or wrong — they are simply limiting. They feel very uncomfortable because you are trying to fit yourself into a pair of shoes that no longer are a fit for you! And OMG the amount of solutions available...try asking and listening to the energy that your body offers you. Try listening to your own infinite and natural awareness.


What if you stop trying to fit in? Or not… that’s simply a choice too. What else is possible?

When you are desiring to create something different and add to your life, you can’t achieve it without including being you: the infinite Energetic Being that you are and the infinite capacities that your body is offering you to acknowledge. Are you the emerging butterfly that's based on all the different colors and patterns that others said you could be? Or are you willing to be in a space of knowing, perceiving, asking and actualizing all that you desire to be?




Rosemary Stephanson