Connecting with Trena Anderson

When I was introduced to Trena Anderson it was if an old friend had shown up. Connection was instant, open and joyful. I knew I wanted to get to know her better, and what better way than experiencing her services. I felt the need to have her wisdom and energy medicine support me and I became a client. It has been very helpful.

Because of experiencing Intuitive Alignment sessions I was intrigued as to the similarities between the work she does and the work I do.

trena anderson patricia barclay


Here are some similarities:

  • Trena does energy alignment on the body; I do energy alignment on spaces - homes and work spaces
  • She explores how thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs solidify energy in the body; I explore how thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes, solidify in the objects and space around you.
  • Trena helps you release and transform the above in your body so something different can show up in your life; I help you release and transform the above in the rooms of your home so new things can show up in your life by de-cluttering, re-design and décor changes
  • Just as we can hold trauma in our body, so, too, can we hold it in our spaces. Home Balancing is an alignment process that restores and nourishes a space when strong emotions and memories are predominant and/or when you are ready to buy and sell a home.
  • Just as a body becomes depleted and needs vitamins to nourish and give it a boost, so does a space. This is done by going deeper into a home’s physiology (yes, this exists!).
  • Just as you can build a relationship with your body which Trena helps you do, so can you learn to build a relationship with your home, helping make the changes that are most needed for you and your family‘s well-being.
  • You can learn to know yourself better and see yourself through the perspective of your home as you become more connected with it. This impacts the design choices you make in your home.
patricia barclay trena anderson

A home is very much like a body; however, it has not been taught to us that way. 

When cleaning my pantry during an illness created instantaneous healing, I knew there was something very important to learn about spaces and the effect we have upon them. I also knew that the other way around was important too - a space has an impact on those who live there. 

I have been doing this for 20+ years. In this time I have learned that everything is interconnected. The more aware we are of what we are choosing to connect to, the more we can make the choices that help us live a life that is more joyful and abundant in all ways.

Yes, how much better can it get?

Thank you for having me on your blog, Trena. It has been a pleasure!


Patricia Barclay is the founder of Star Meridian Design Group and creator of De-Sign Therapy, a leading-edge design service that fuses the principles of energy design with personal transformation, creating aligned design and decor that is truly yours. She resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.