Conscious Leadership: It's Time

We are at a time in our world where Conscious Leadership is required; yet, what seems to be stopping this flow? Perhaps the present moment is demanding each of us to step up as leaders, and we have a tendency to project that action onto others to do it for us instead…

What does being a leader mean to you?

Here’s what I’ve become very aware of: Leadership comes with the ability to receive vast amounts of judgment. It’s uncomfortable at times. There is not a one-way, right way of doing things - so it includes asking questions, being curious, and inviting in a new way of doing. A conscious way. Kindness, respect and generosity of spirit aren't afterthoughts - they're at the part of key decision-making. Conscious Leadership requires the allowance of other people’s points of views, knowing that you need not buy them as your own. It requires a knowing of what is acceptable and what is not. It includes listening - a combination of tuning in + perceiving that connection + allowing it to flow. It also means being willing to give up old points of views like, “I’ve been wrong before so what if I’m wrong again?” Without a doubt, being a leader is not always fun or easy. Hmmm...would this perhaps play some part in what stops us all from being the leaders in our own lives?

It’s interesting. In the animal world, the natural leaders step up. There is an inherent trust and a knowing in them. You don’t see the animals gathered to vote on who should run the show. They simply step up and take the action required.

Animals express their leadership qualities in their simplest essence of being. A cocked ear or a swish of the tail say it all, and trust me - in the animal world, there are no second, third or fourth chances. There is a clear communication/sign and it is backed by an action. Pure joy - their communication is so easy! 

conscious leadership animal leadership

As a society as whole, what are we doing to make it so difficult? What is the value of not stepping up and taking action? Hmmm. Any chance we’ve all gotten very comfortable with being ‘sheep’? (Even though I believe sheep have gotten a bad name- lolol! Especially the ‘black sheep’ 😉)

What if it’s time for us all to step up and be the leaders we know we are?

It starts by acknowledging that we’ve known something different has been possible for a long time. Then we stop trying to hide behind our excuses. We let go of other people’s expectations and projections that have stopped us in the past. This world needs us! Maybe it begins within our own family dynamics or at our work place. Maybe it’s a space within us that’s asking for more. Maybe it’s our body demanding us to take the lead.

It truly doesn't matter where you start or where you’ve been. Just choose something different today.

Know there is a new herd of conscious beings available, who will assist you along the way. I’m just one of many.  Reach out and connect. Ask questions. Discover a whole new way of being in this world - one that actually includes you and the ease and the joy you have always known is possible.


xoxoxo Trena