What part is "failure" playing in your business?

In the past I've shared different ways to create and generate more of what you desire - especially in business - by asking questions, becoming clear, listening to the energies and becoming aware of the future possibilities. What happens when the aspects you ask for show up differently than you may ever have expected? Aaaaah... here’s where I used to complicate things. Here’s where I used to question myself and immediately go into the judgment that I was doing something the wrong way. This is where I would move into the old belief about being a failure.

Let’s take a quick look at the word “failure”. What does that mean to you? What comes up around that thought? For me, its meaning has drastically transformed. 


I used to struggle with not being willing to fail. I grew up being an honours student in school and it was so easy to memorize and recite back what the teachers and schools were asking us to learn. I got very used to being in the top percentage of the class and failure was never really an option. I’ve also become aware that in many ways this mindset has stopped me in my choices; if I was never willing to fail, this meant I was unwilling to step beyond the traditional ways of doing things. Hmmm interesting point of view, here - what is this?

I’ve always known this about myself: if a choice to do something lights me up, I’m able to move mountains. The support, the information required and the Universe always roll into congruency. So,, when I became aware that this urgency to never be willing to fail was not even mine, everything changed.

You see, failure is a lie. Failure is full of expectations of what something should be. However, failure is simply an energy that stops us from choosing more. This is so key to so many areas of our lives, and there are so many interesting points of views that we have a tendency to keep hidden around this one area. It’s amazing! The really cool part is that this energy can be shifted without years of hard work, and it opens the door to a whole new world of choices and possibilities. You must be ready to receive and have the things you actually desire, though. 😉

xoxoxo Trena