Who, What, and When Did You Give Up Your Awareness To?

We have three mailboxes in our driveway. Back in May, I called Canada Post to request that they be moved.

We live on a busy highway. Each day, our neighbors who own the mailboxes have to cross the highway and attempt to turn around in our driveway to pick up their mail. The same goes for Canada Post’s delivery driver, who must drive across the highway and attempt to turn around in our driveway to deliver their mail. Many times my daughter, my spouse, clients and I have had to stop on the highway and wait because our driveway is blocked. The neighbors have difficulty turning around in our small approach - especially in winter. I have observed other vehicles not always slowing down and several times there have been close calls.  It’s what could be considered an "accident waiting to happen" - except that I've learned that there are no accidents if we are willing to be aware.

During the six years I've lived here, I've watched and questioned this mailbox absurdity. The easy part is that Canada Post has the option to simply move these mailboxes across to the other side of the highway - closer to the neighbors - with three other possible approaches to set up the mailboxes on the gravel road. This choice would lead to less traffic, slower speed involvement as well as eliminating having to stop highway traffic because our driveway is blocked. Sound like an easy, common sense possibility?

give up awareness

Here is my ah-ha moment: I worked for Canada Post for 15 years and left 10 years ago. I had many points of views, thoughts and projections back then. I became very aware that although at that time I had bought the fact that I had to give up my awareness in order to work there, it doesn't matter because I’m now free to choose for me.

This energy in itself is a game-changer.

What I hadn’t acknowledged is where I was still being these points of views, thoughts and projections. It was a reminder - in those moments when a situation or a conversation becomes thick, heavy or distorted, stop and ask: What am I aware of here that would change everything - as if by magic - if I were to allow myself to simply be?

Here’s the thing that changed for me: Now I’m free from those crappy energies/thoughts/feelings, expectations, etc. I know that I have my own back and I’m unstoppable. It won’t take long until there is no traffic congestion in our driveway. ;)

xoxoxo Trena