Summertime Fun!

Wow - what a week. It’s been FULL!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a beautiful young lady in Saskatchewan who has assisted in me in the rebuild of my website and creating a whole new online platform - Rosemary Stephanson. In addition to that she introduced me to fellow energy collaborator -  Patricia Barclay - who recently guest posted on my blog. Together the two of them chose to take a road trip and come visit and stay with us this past week.

The day they arrived was a bit of a combustible one! We recently added a new French bulldog to our family named Piper. My daughter’s Frenchie, Harper is also here intermittently so there has been a tad bit of battling, restructuring and a getting to know one another taking place... and both dogs have been in their heat cycle! (Anyone aware of the energy consciousness and responsiveness of a "bitch in heat?" Well, try doubling that up! LOLOLOL!)

What I can say is I am so thankful and grateful to you both for your patience, your total lack of judgment, your inspiring support and the ease in which you settled in and contributed without any point of view to what was required within our home environment. The first day was spent laughing and sharing dog stories - you can’t not notice how easily animals display their beingness and authenticity. From the eye rolls to the death glares, trust me: animals easily communicate. I still think we could do a movie series on “A Life in the Day of Harper’…

From Left: Rosemary, Myself & Patricia

From Left: Rosemary, Myself & Patricia


From there on in we (the people) 😉, having acknowledged that we are the Leaders - the ones who get to choose - set the space and generated a whole new level of ease, communication and awareness. This opened up a whole new space! We went for a yummy lunch, checked out some local stores and returned home to play - running Bars, chatting about business areas and playing with gemstone energies. In the evening we topped it all off with a relaxing campfire that included both Frenchies. How does it get any better?

What I can acknowledge for me is how much I have missed ‘the people’ to connect with in a physical manner. My connections are mostly long distance - talking to my colleagues, friends and clients - so I truly recognize how having two women share our space was something I wasn’t even aware I’ve been missing.  Having you two to join up with, giggle, share your personal delights as well as the vulnerable moments, shared both with my family and our animals, has contributed a lot. Thank you - you ladies Rock!




Rosemary Stephanson