What is your (true) JOB?

After 15 years with Canada Post and another five working for an oilfield company, I stepped away from the working world and began to create and generate my own living. How come? Read on to find out!

Being paid $38/hour to deliver someone else’s messages (the mail) grew old. I got to the point where I could do it blindfolded. Boring. As. Hell. Yes, the movement and exercise I received throughout the day was refreshing at times, but it wasn't nearly enough to light my world up with all the energy I had bursting from inside.

When I left Canada Post I went to another job where I had more freedom to express myself and use my skills. For awhile it was enough... and then that achy sense of disillusionment began to seep in again. That’s when I truly began to make the changes. I loved animals. I knew there was ‘something’ that was asking to be created. From there I began. Now, eight years later, it continues to grow.

Here’s what I can share: It NEVER looks the way you think it will. AND it has such a different way that fills you up. When I say this, what I mean is that being filled up comes from a rebirthing inside of you first - not something from outside of you. It’s totally opposite from the way we have been taught. Our parents teach us that when we get that new job, then we will be filled with validation, etc., or when we lose that weight, then we will feel good about ourselves.

Life doesn't work this way.

How many of you have thought that if you added that new car or house or _______, then everything would be different? Then, shortly after you have ‘that', you found yourself searching for something else?

The next question is a biggie. After you read it, stop scrolling for a moment so you have time to let it sink in. 

When did you stop acknowledging your joy in being? 

Your joy is so unique and magical that there is no one and nothing else out there that trumps ‘that’! That is what you are missing out on when you buy the lie that your job in life is to work hard, struggle and fit in.

What if your Joy of Being (JOB) is what this world needs more of?

true job

Has no one acknowledged this in the past with you? Well my friend - I’m here. I hear you AND I invite you to even more - if you will first be willing to hear that from within yourself.

Today, my JOB is my Joy of Being. No exaggeration - it has changed my world. Now I have the freedom to choose and follow more of what I desire. Connections with playmates and collaborators who support, inspire and are willing to generate and actualize more together. The freedom to spend time with nature and animals at my choosing. Playing with energies and having the clarity of what’s fun for me. A space that nourishes me. Celebrates me. A space that allows multiple streams of income to flow forth with ease.  

Our unique and magical Joy of Being is the greatest generator of all that is within us and beyond. It’s time you, too, included yourself in your choices. Come on out and play!


xoxoxo Trena