WOW is all I can say. I am learning so much. The unique communication work Trena offered me is the MOST POWERFUL MODALITY I have ever experienced in my life. It’s moved stuff that refused to be moved. It made me feel that my possibilities were endless.
— K. Bowles - Los Angeles, CA

Trena is amazing! She picked up instantly on what the underlying issue was for me with every session. Her questions and body awareness clarification showed me how powerful my inner communication is — simple, easy and nearly instantaneous. Thank you, Trena, for showing me how different my life can be.
— Cindy Aldrich - Springfield, VT

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trena Anderson by telephone. I cannot say enough about her keen intuition and ability to help clear things from the past or the unseen aspects of the energetic blocks that hold us back. Trena continues to amaze me with her down to earth awareness of universal energies that have an affect on our well being. She has a way of tapping into what is important to me both personally and universally at any given time. Her coaching has helped me to understand and move forward in my life immensely. I look forward to our calls and gain huge insights for myself every time we talk. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wishes to grow to talk to Trena.
— Lauren - Denver, CO, USA

Trena Anderson has just rocked my world — in a most fabulous way...and I thought I knew so much already!! Thank you Trena for being so thoroughly present and in tune with the living energy that I am. Thank you for connecting and communing to impart what I needed. You have helped me shift key perspectives, demolished those old points of views, and invited me to a greater alignment with who I really am. I felt my fears collapse within and around me.
— Patricia Barclay - Saskatoon, SK

I am 63, divorced and have two grown children. Doing and caring for others has been the driving force for most of my life. Trena’s telephone coaching has helped me see that now it’s time to take care of myself — to value myself and all that I am. For many women my age, it is very easy to just “settle in” and continue the path you have always followed. With Trena’s coaching, I’m learning who I am, why I am and what I can be. Thank you, Trena.
— Ann S. - Brainerd, MN, USA