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Perceive. Receive. Choose.

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Hi, you’re here!

I’m Trena Anderson and I’m really happy you found me. No, I haven’t been lost- although many times it’s felt that way. ;)

You see, here’s the thing.
You and I, we may be very similar
and yet also unique… How AWARE are you?

Interesting question, you say?

Here’s some tidbits about me… I was adopted as a baby so I spent many years ‘searching’. For years, my outside world seemed to be ‘a lie’- you know, that underlying sense of knowing that just because things look a certain way doesn’t mean it’s true. Early on in life I learned not to trust - people’s words did not match their actions. As a result, I struggled with body and weight issues, was diagnosed with depression and always seemed to have a myriad of ‘challenging’ experiences- I could piss people off by simply walking into the room. So, in a sense, huge parts of ‘me’ checked out in my search of me which was a huge blessing in disguise.

I invested my time and energy into learning and animals. To simplify the last 30 years what I have learned very clearly is how much we ‘buy’ what we are rather than how AWARE we are. I didn’t know that what I was perceiving was ‘not me’- it was what I was aware of. And so much more.

So, if any of what I have shared is similar to what you, too, have experienced- You are not wrong. You are AWARE. You are not messed up- you are very energetically sensitive and ‘pick up’ what’s going on around you and take it home not knowing you’ve picked up a hitch-hikers. If there are patterns of ‘challenges’ that continually show up in your world- these are energies that have been flipped- awesome NEWS- these are your greatest capacities.

Here’s the thing- I can’t explain the ‘how’. What I do know is, it’s connected to the energy we are able to perceive, know, be and receive- that no one talks about. And I have a capacity to perceive the areas that are whispering for attention- all it takes is a simple conversation.

So, if you have questions in any of these areas: your Body, your Pet, or your Home and Business - what I do know is there is a myriad of transformation possible. When you are clear- your spaces and places also have the chance to contribute more to you. Kinda like, if you’re going to pick up and tune in to everything around you - you might as well be tuned in to the ones that actually have your back and are here to contribute to your greatness. So, let’s be greater together!

And if you’re still questioning- check out my Kudo’s page. Once again- you’re not alone! ;)

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