Trena Anderson

Perceive. Receive. Choose.

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Hi, Friend! Trena Anderson, here. I’m delighted to know you! What do I know about you? I perceive you are an adventurer, an inquisitive possibility seeker, you sense things you can’t explain — without being able to explain ‘what’ you know or ‘how’ you know... AND you have finessed your way thru this life and you are desiring more. How close am I? ;)

You see, here’s what I can share. Most of my clients appear not exactly knowing why they found me, what I actually do, and how I can assist them. I get it. For years, I also tried to use the thought process “a + b = c” because society teaches us linear thinking. We both know that having a knowing doesn’t work that way.  I know what it’s like when you’re aware. It’s like having bright, shiny objects all around you. It can be confusing and convoluted – AND most times what you ‘think’, why you ‘think’ and how things show up is different and unique to you. It’s all about energy and awareness.

What do I mean? Have you noticed in your life, especially as a child, that when you tuned into that creative genius aspect within yourself — had an idea, dove into a project, game, endeavor... everything that lit you up inside —  there was a knowing or a sense that ‘no matter what – I’m having this’? All of you — your mind, your body, your being and the molecules of the electromagnetic field all around you then rearranged. Shifted. Transformed, and supported that essence. And boom. It appeared. As a child you did not have any expectations and limitations in place as to how or when it would show up. You simply knew what you knew. What you’re not aware of is that as you’ve added more experiences throughout your life, there are underlying currents of energies in which you have put up barriers to protect yourself — knowingly and unknowingly. All of this silent, unseen ‘stuff’ is what stops you as well as all the points of views, projections, judgments and expectations you bought from others have added to ‘how’ you have decided and ‘when’ it should appear. Whew — heavy shit! Notice the difference in the energy?

And you’re here… so’ve made it! I’m truly not surprised. We both knew you would. ;) You came in knowing something else is possible in this world. The key to having it is being it. Allow me to share more with you.

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