Who is Trena?


Wow — I’ve been many things throughout this life [not counting all the other lifetimes 😉 ]. So let’s begin where it started for me…

I’m an energy, animal and nature lover at the core of my being. (I’m pretty sure my tiny little feet hit the ground running!) I tuned in to what I desired to have more of. I began there.

I’ve always loved being energy — even though my whole life I was told to tone it down. Be quiet. You’re too loud. Too intense. Too much. Looking back, I can see that I burst many bubbles of limitation along the way, always willing to show up and be unstoppable.

I’ve been around horses my whole life. Raising them, breeding them, training them (although I’m fully aware they were training me, lol), watching and observing them, asking questions, noticing how easily they ‘communicated’ among themselves, and then allowing myself to be open to their silent, non-verbal communication language. Later, I began allowing myself to be that with others — dogs, cats, children, spaces, ideas, things, jobs, businesses, and adults. What I began to notice is how aware, clear and non-verbally present each one was — with the exception of most adults. Most. Hear the difference? If you’re still reading this,  that’s not you. You’re different and unique.

15 years ago I stepped out of the corporate world and began to create a living with the beings that contributed the most joy for me — animals, nature and businesses. For me, these were the top 3 that communicated the most clearly, easily and effortlessly. Since then I have created, generated and actualized a life that is beyond the way this society teaches. I’ve learned about energy, quantum physics and our natural capacities to heal ourselves. I’ve learned that trading my ‘job’ for my JOB (Joy Of Being) creates more in many areas — one of them being money. Money follows joy, which allows us to have more choices and greater ease.

That book of experiences.. it’s coming!

As a very high functioning ADD, ADHD, OCD with a touch of autistic essence, I perceive, hear and am aware of all kinds of energies and information. For many years I couldn’t describe this knowing. It’s huge and so often mis-identified and mis-applied. Since birth I’ve actualized my own life beyond those perceived ‘limitations’. Now, I assist others to burst the bubbles of their ‘limitations’ so they can show up and be unstoppable. Want to learn more? Enter your contact info below and I’ll be in touch.

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